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St Margarets Co-operative Bowling Club - A History

Chapter 3  Hello Ladies

It was soon found that watering a green with a hose pipe is very hard work and a grant for installation of a system was sought. This picture from 1992 (1992-03) shows Keith Vaz MP who came along to present a cheque for £4200. This was gratefully accepted by Canon Quine and Alan Shepard, the club president in 1991 and 1992. He also became Leicestershire County President in 1995.  The water tank can be seen to the left of the white pavilion on this shot (1995-05) of a men's match in progress from May 1995.


                1992-03 click to enlarge                                    1993-05 click to enlarge











Ladies joined the club in 1993. They were led by Beryl Sherrif, and her mascot, as shown in this snap (1993-06) from June 1993

                                                    1993-06 click to enlarge  














From October of 1993 refreshments were served in a green portacabin (1995-04). It was better than going to the Co-op Club building but as Dennis Salisbury remembers, "Tea was a bit of a squeeze when you had a five rinker." 

                                                       1995-04 click to enlarge  














These 2 formal pictures are from 1995 (1995-045), Canon Kenneth Quine's presidency and 1996, (1996-04) in Don McLoughlin's presidency. There are more than a few existing members that people will recognize.


                           1995-045 click to enlarge                                          1996-04 click to enlarge














1998 was a busy year as these two action shots show. It was decided to expand the dining / club area, so it was out with the green cabin (1998-05) and in with four portacabins.  These were bought second hand for £2000 from Leicester Circuits. The outside was clad with wood, as can be seen in the two remaining shots - a mixed grouping (1999-05) is probably from May 1999 and a ladies county match from June of that year. 


                 1998-05 click to enlarge 












                                                       1999-05 click to enlarge


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