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St Margarets Co-operative Bowling Club - A History

Chapter 5    Here Come the Workers

After nearly 20 years, incredibly, the vast majority of the buildings, as seen today, had been completed. In this last chapter, I have selected snaps from Johnny's collection which reflect team work and camaraderie over the years. As with earlier chapters, I have labelled the snaps to show at least approximately when they were taken.


1999        So now we have a bar we need a bar man. These three would kill for the job.

2000-10  Tea break?  I didn't know tea came in bottles.  Does the RSPCA know about this?

2001        Looks like one for You've Been Framed.

2008-10  Another tea break. This time with tea.

2008-20  The happiest worker of them all.  Can it really be that good?

2008-30  A man on a mission

2008-40  Hot dogs all round

2009-10  Six of the best.  Another tea break.

2009-20  These tea breaks are becoming a bit of a habit

2009-25  This time there's soup as well.  But you need a woman for that

2009-30  The last word. Johnny Wesson – always full of fun.


I hope this account has given an insight into the formation of the St Margart's Co-operative Bowls Club and the enormous commitment involved.  As I said at the begining it is a story that stands proud in the history of bowls and deserves to be told for a very long time to come.  Johnny, thank you for sharing it with us. We are proud of you and all the others that did so much.

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