From 19th July, Clubs are not required to enforce any Covid restrictions by law.

Bowls England, however, is recommending that Govt. guidance on mask wearing indoors is still adhered to by our clubs. 

Bowls Leicestershire Ladies

Unbadged Double Rink Final

Congratulations to our ladies winning the

Unbadged Double Rink Final

played yesterday (01/08/21) afternoon at Narborough!

We played Fosseway, winning on both rinks, with a combined final score of 32-26. It was a very good competitive game, we started off rather tentatively but once we were in our stride really got to grips with the job in hand and it was a good close match..

Thanks go to all those who played so well both in the final and the previous rounds. Thanks also to  those who came to cheer us on, all in all, a great afternoon.


Bowls Leicestershire Ladies

Unbadged Double Rink Final

We are delighted to say that our SMCBC Ladies team have got through to the final which will be against Fosseway.  It's a competition which we  won in 2017 - see photo.

If you would like to come and support us, the match is at Narborough Bowls Club, 13.30 on Sunday 1 August.

The team is:

Joan Hope, Liz McMillan, Jennifer Bellamy

Carolyn Foster (skip)

Rachel Smith, Christine Harrison, Pat Dobson, Chris Townsend (skip)

Reserve: Mary Linnett

Message  from Jim Bass

The year is 2009 it's mid Sumer and at the ripe old age of 57 I've just taken early retirement ,at the time we are residing in Anstey. Treasy my lovely wife as just come home from the local shops and gives me a flyer advertising Bowls open day at St Margaret's. Little did she know what she was opening up.
Open day was on a Sunday in June 09 weather was good and we both enjoyed the afternoon. Treasy failed to be bitten by the game but encouraged myself to give it ago. That first half season was spent rolling up often on my own,but the people I met all seemed friendly and nice. Towards the end of the season I was ready for Saturday friendly games which were great and began to socialise with members of my rink and side also the opposition.

During that winter with time on my hands I often went down the ground and helped where I could and more importantly socialise picking up tips and tricks and genuinely enjoying myself.
Gradually as the years went on I became more and more at home in what is a great family of bowlers at St Margaret's. Treasy with no sporting bones in her body is great and throws herself into the social side of things and is a very valued and loved member of the family. This family where we have made some great friends with holidays,days out,meals. and concerts etc etc. In these strange times they are there for us The FAMILY all held together by the club. That is why I've not hesitated in paying subs for this year and declining honorarium its for the family.
Regards Jim


Come and join us at Leicester Indoor Bowls Club, Slater Street, Leicester, LE3 5AS
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