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St Margarets Co-operative Bowling Club - A History

Chapter 4   Still Plenty To Do

We have now reached the end of 1999 and the club house was already a considerable size but the appitite for expantion and the necessary work, seemed unquenched. This picture (1999-09) shows the framework for an extention equivalent to two more portacabins. 1999-11 shows work in progress and 2000 shows the finished extention. This had created a very sizeable function room which could easily cope with club events and could also earn money when let to outsiders.

                                 1999-09 click to enlarge                                               1999-11 click to enlarge











                                                                              1993-06 click to enlarge











The bar was improved and a cold 'cellar' was added in 1991. Again, the mind boggles at the amount of work involved. In 2004, or thereabouts, it was realised that the green edgings were crumbling and needed replacing. By my calculation this would be about 150 yards of concrete bocks. 2004-20c and 2004-30c give some idea of the undertaking.


                      2004-20c click to enlarge                                                             2004-30c click to enlarge













In 2005 the equipment shed was put in (2005) and in 2006 ladies changing room was added. 2006-10c shows the early stages of work on the washroom and at some later point the lounge was added to the clubhouse (2006-20c). The washrooms were finished, in their pressent state, in 2009. 


            2005 click to enlarge                     2006-10c click to enlarge                         2006-20c click to enlarge

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